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Blago Expected to Take Stand Today

Disgraced former governor gets chance to defend himself



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    Rod Blagojevich gets a chance to a chance to explain himself today -- under oath.

    Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich is expected to take the witness stand to defend himself today, a spectacle Blagojevich has long promised will clear his name.

    The testimony, which could last anywhere from a single day to two weeks, will be cathartic, and not just for the disgraced former governor who has reiterated time and time again that he is innocent and that he just needs a chance to clear his name.

    Illinoisians, too, have awaited this testimony with a mixture of awe, approbation, and anger -- should Blagojevich really explain away the corruption charges? On cross-examination will he reveal himself as a silver-tongued crook? Or will the testimony just be more Blagojevich, telling people to listen to more Blagojevich?

    Political observers, meanwhile, say Blagojevich's testimony could be anything from a frenetic romp through a deluded mind, to an embarrassing expose of Illinois political secrets (or at least baggage).

    This much is for sure: it's the moment Blagojevich, and Illinois, have been waiting for.