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Rich Whitney

Green Party Candidate, Running for Governor



    CASH ON HAND $8,618

    The Man: After earning 10.4% in his 2006 bid for the statehouse, former civil rights attorney Rich Whitney is once again the Green Party’s nominee for Governor of Illinois. Unfortunately for Whitney, he hasn't been able to reprise his '06 showing, and now lags badly in the polls with about three percent of the vote.

    But Whitney's an unflagging proponent of his policies: more taxes and more government spending to spur job creation, and free college education.

    The Knock: Whitney's more taxes message isn't resonating with voters, and he trails all-comers with just three percent of the vote in most polls. Whitney's challenges are compounded by his lack of campaign funds, which contributes directly to his lack of air-time on broadcast television. Put simply: voters don't know who Rich Whitney is.

    The Strategy: Participate in every governor's debate and press conference possible while protesting outside the events where he was excluded. For Whitney to pull out a win, he'll need to find a creative and cheap way to gain more public attention.

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