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Dear Donald, Blago's Already Been Fired

Senator asks Trump to kick gov off the Apprentice



    Dear Donald, Blago's Already Been Fired
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    An Illinois senator has sent Donald Trump a letter asking him to kick Rod Blagojevich off of "Celebrity Apprentice."

    Call it a Dear Donald letter.

    Among the hundreds of pieces of mail real estate tycoon and "Celebrity Apprentice" boss Donald Trump will receive this week, a request from Dave Syverson.

    Dave who?

    Illinois Senator Syverson of Rockford penned a letter to the Donald this week to say having former governor Rod Blagojevich on the NBC show is a unfunny, bad idea.

    "Illinois lawmakers already told Blagojevich ‘You're fired,' he doesn't need to hear it again from Donald Trump," the letter read.

    "To Hollywood, Rod Blagojevich might be a harmless joke, but to Illinoisans he's no laughing matter," Syverson wrote. "Putting him on The Apprentice gives him a national megaphone to not only influence potential jurors, but to defend his horrible record as governor that contributed to the economic and budgetary collapse Illinois faces today."

    Syverson will file a senate resolution urging NBC and Donald Trump to kick Blago off the show.

    "There's a reason why the Illinois Senate voted unanimously to remove him from office," Syverson said. "From day one, he embraced a pattern of corruption that not only involved the sale of state influence and contracts to the highest bidder, but his reckless fiscal policies have driven Illinois to the point of bankruptcy. That's Rod Blagojevich's real record."

    But the former governor has already gotten approval from a federal judge and was spotted in New York last month shooting promos for the show with fellow cast members Cyndi Lauper, Brett Michaels, Sharon Osbourne, Darryl Strawberry and comedian Sinbad.

    Prosecutors did not try to stop Blagojevich from trying his hand at "Celebrity Apprentice," even though the March launch of the reality show will coincide with jury selection in his corruption trial slated to begin June 3.  

    Apprentice is the second reality show Blagojevich has managed to get himself cast on. After doing a junket for "I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!", Judge Zagel said he couldn't leave the country to shoot the show in Costa Rica. His wife, Patti, ended up taking his place on the show.