Real Madrid Mourns Soccer Fans Killed in Attack on Cafe in Iraq

Fourteen people were killed outright and two more died of their wounds later, according to an eyewitness

The soccer club Real Madrid will wear black armbands Saturday to mourn 16 members of a team supporters club killed by ISIS gunmen in an attack on a café in Iraq, NBC News reported. 

The attack on the café in Balad, a city about 50 miles north of Baghdad, occurred early Friday morning. The gunmen included two suicide bombers who detonated explosive vests after police arrived, Iraqi officials told The Associated Press.

Fourteen people were killed outright, and two more died of their wounds later, Tha'er said. Officials told the AP earlier Friday that 13 were killed, but the football club said 16 supporters were killed.

The terror group ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack hours after the attack, according to the AP. It is not the first time ISIS has targeted soccer fans. In March, a suicide bomber attacked a soccer stadium in Iskandriyah, southern Baghdad, killing at least 26 people and wounding 71.

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