Oprah Talks About Being Offered an Ambassadorship

If Colin Powell had his way, Oprah Winfrey might have been an U.S. ambassador.

The talk show icon recently told Parade magazine a story of when she was sitting at Colin Powell’s table five years ago for the Kennedy Center Honors, in which the former secretary of state said they were in the ambassadors room.

“And I said, “’Gee, this is really—this is lovely. An ambassador, I think that would be really great.” He goes, 'Name your country, baby, name your country.’

“I just laughed. He goes, ‘No, seriously, do you want to be an ambassador?” I go: “No, really, I was just—it’s just a thought. I was just saying it’s a nice room!”

Winfrey has bigger things to handle right now. She is launching her latest venture, the Oprah Winfrey Network on Jan. 1. A partnership with Discovery, the cable network will have programs such as  "Finding Sarah," a documentary series featuring Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and "Master Class."

The TV personality describes her network as “mindful television.” "I think so much of television is a minefield that just zaps your energy, wastes your time. What I want to do is build a channel that is a respite for your mind, an oasis of stimulation, that you come away from with little pieces of light. I’m aiming for a moment where somebody could say, 'I never thought of it that way before.' I just love that.”

Asked what she has learned about people during her time in television, Winfrey said: “Everybody just wants to be heard. That’s what everybody is looking for. And the reason I think my ability to communicate with people around the world has been so rewarded is because I actually understand that.”

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