Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Play ‘Never Have We Ever' on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

"Bad Moms" stars also talk about their children

Two "bad moms" made for good fun on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell, who co-star in the comedy "Bad Moms," made a joint appearance on Friday's special Mother's Day episode. During their chat with host Ellen DeGeneres, Kunis revealed she "absolutely" wants to have more children with husband Ashton Kutcher, with whom she has daughter Wyatt Kutcher, 19 months. Bell, meanwhile, said she has no plans to give daughters Lincoln Shepard, 3, and Delta Shepard, 17 months, another sibling.

"I feel like I would be too scattered. I'm already very scattered. I can't," said Bell, who is married to Dax Shepard. "Two of them. I got two eyes, two hands – I'm good."

DeGeneres took Kunis by surprise when she asked if she and Kutcher are "trying."

"Like am I having sex, Ellen?" Kunis asked.

"Yeah. Are you having sex? That's my question," DeGeneres joked. "I want to know how often you're having sex." Bell joked that she also wanted to know "when and where" it takes place. Kunis giggled and said that "yes," they are trying for Baby No. 2. "Not like that, but yes. Oh, my God."

"You brought it up!" DeGeneres said.

"No, I didn't!" Kunis said. "I'm always blushing on your show."

Kunis asked Bell to "distract Ellen," but her sex life was all anyone could talk about. "How's the sex? You brought it up," she said. DeGeneres added, "That's a great question. I imagine it's good."

"Yeah," Kunis said. "It's great."

Later on, DeGeneres surprised her guests with a pre-taped video message from their husbands. Then she revealed "one more surprise" – Kutcher and Shepard would be joining them for a game of a couple's edition of "Never Have I Ever." Before the game began, Kunis advised-slash-warned Kutcher, "Lie if you have to."

DeGeneres handed the two couples four paddles with the words "We Have" and "We Haven't" written on either side. She then read a series of statements to get the dirt on their love lives:

- Never have we ever been to a nude beach.

- Never have we ever used each other's toothbrushes without telling them.

- Never have we ever hooked up on set.

- Never have we ever fallen asleep making love.

- Never have we ever waxed each other's body parts.

- Never have we ever thrown out something of our spouses that we hated without telling them.

- Never have we ever been in handcuffs.

- Never have we ever given each other massages.

Needless to say, some answers took the actors' by surprise. Watch the clip to find out who has and who hasn't done the things DeGeneres mentioned.

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