Chris Christie Explains ‘Hostage' Face on ‘Tonight Show'

Christie said Fallon would have to hire more writers if he left public office

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stopped by the "Tonight Show" Friday and again defended the now-infamous facial expression that generated a slew of memes on social media.

During a press conference following Donald Trump's Super Tuesday victory in March, Christie stood behind to the real estate mogul with an awkward, blank stare. 

“You look like you were having a blast,” host Jimmy Fallon quipped. “Were you being held hostage at this time?”

“This is what you would look like if you were standing behind Jay Leno when he was doing his monologue,” Christie responded. “If you’re used to talking, it’s awkward not to talk, so if you’re standing there, I’m listening.”

Fallon also asked Christie about another image that had Twitter exploding with commentary. The governor was photographed pouring M&Ms from a bag into a larger M&Ms box during the Notre Dame/Wisconsin NCAA tournament game last weekend in Philadelphia. 

"Well the bag comes inside the box and you have a choice, you either eat them from the bag or not," Christie explained. "But then you are going to get into the game, get excited, maybe jump, and I don't want to lose any M&Ms."

Asked what his political plans are now that his presidential campaign has been suspended, Christie said that when his second term as govenor is over maybe he'd play tambourine with The Roots.

"If I left public office you would have to hire more writers," Christie said.

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