Infant Dies After Being Hit by Car During South Side Shooting

A 13-month-old boy sitting in a stroller was killed Saturday after being hit by car full of men who police believe were fleeing the scene of a shooting in Chicago's Woodlawn neighborhood.

Police say they were originally called to the 7700 block of South Kingston in the city's South Shore when a man was shot at about 1:45 p.m. The victim was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and is listed in critical condition.

After the shooting the three gunmen took off in a vehicle, witnesses and police say, and during their attempt to flee from officers crashed into a group of people at the intersection of 63rd and Ellis, striking an infant who was with his mother.

One witness, Ronald Harty, told NBC Chicago he saw a maroon car slam into a bus stop, where the mother and baby were waiting for the bus with a group of people. He says the mother was distraught. The baby, he said, "did not look good," after being struck.

Another witness said the family was walking on a sidewalk at the time, and when the car tried to make a quick turn on the corner of the intersection, it skidded into the family.

The boy was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital, Chicago fire officials said, where he was pronounced dead.

A woman, assumed to be the boy's mother, could be seen wailing on the ground in distress as emergency responders tried to calm her down after the incident. 

As they tried to close the doors of the ambulance taking away the baby, she could be seen getting up and running towards the vehicle in what looked like a grief-stricken plea not to take away her baby. A police officer held her back.

Police have two of the offenders in custody, according to officials.

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