Why Groupon Clones are Good For Small Businesses

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What do Groupon, Facebook, Google, and all the other daily deal sites have in common? They could give your small business a healthy boost, according to a Wall Street Journal article.

This concept hasn't really been articulated with verifiable proof, but it makes sense that as more sites like these pop up, they all must scramble to find new deals from business of all sizes. The local-advertising market has long eluded Internet companies, but now if you run a small business those high-tech giants have no choice but to start lining up.

Even better, as competition among those sites grows more cutthroat, their margin for profit is beginning to shrink. David Sinsky, the data product manager for deal aggragator Yipit speculated to the WSJ that Groupon might start shying away from taking 50 percent of the revenue from the deals it lists.

What remains unclear still, though, is how to get the attention of these sites if you're a small business other than being open to the opportunity should it arrive. It's at least something to help combat the sagging small-business optimism, which has been weakening now for three months straight.

Read the full article over at the Wall Street Journal.

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