Video: Patrick Kane’s Spin-O-Rama Goal, NHL ’94 Style

The iconic game is celebrating its 20th anniversary by remaking today's highlights

Patrick Kane
Getty Images

If you are a huge NHL fan, at some point in your life you have probably either played or heard someone talking about playing NHL 94 by EA Sports. The game is widely considered to be the best hockey  game ever produced (sorry Blades of Steel), and as a testament to its enduring glory, EA still allows you to play its current NHL 13 edition with the controls from the 1994 iteration.

With that undying love in mind, the NHL has been posting videos on its website recently of spectacular plays edited as highlights from the game, complete with 16-bit graphic style and icons. On Friday, they finally got around to capturing Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane’s spin-o-rama goal against the Dallas Stars last weekend.

Here it is:

For those interested in learning more about the phenomenon known as NHL 94, you have two options. First, you could go to, a website dedicated to everything about this watershed moment in gaming. The other option is to see a piece of evidence about how ingrained in popular culture the game is, and for that, and that is the scene from the movie “Swingers” where two of the characters are playing a game between the Kings and Blackhawks.

Here’s the link, but you’ll have to follow it for the actual video, since it’s definitely NSFW.

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