Video: Jay Cutler Plays in Snowstorm Tuesday

Despite being released by the Bears, Cutler still was rocking a team hat as he played in the snow

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler may be out of a job at the moment, but at least he’s still willing to go outside and play when the weather turns snowy.

In a video posted to her Snapchat feed, Cutler’s wife Kristin Cavallari captured the quarterback playing around in the powdery stuff on Tuesday, and eagle-eyed fans will notice an interesting headwear choice by the former Bears signal-caller:

That’s right. Cutler is still rocking his Bears hat despite the fact that he was cut by the team last week after eight seasons with the team. Rumors have swirled about where he will end up in the next stage of his NFL career, but one thing is for certain: the only thing he cares about today is swirling snowflakes.

h/t to Sports Illustrated

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