Top Five Draft Busts from the Jerry Angelo Era

Grizzly Detail took a look at the best work that Jerry Angelo has done in the draft, but Jer-Bear has been far from perfect. Here are his five worst draft picks.

1. Cedric Benson, first round, 2005: Instead of becoming Chicago's next great running back, Ced became Chicago's next great bust. He split time with Thomas Jones in his first two seasons, but when the Bears inexplicably chose to keep Benson instead of Jones, Benson's production did not go up. Add to that two DUI arrests and injuries, and you've got a grade-A bust. These days, he is fulfilling his potential for the Bengals, something he could never do for the Bears.

2. Michael Haynes, first round, 2005
: The Penn State star never was able to transition from college to pros, and in turn, had a short career in the NFL. He had just 5.5 sacks and 49 tackles as a DE for the Bears in 2003-2005, and was released in 2006.

3. Dan Bazuin, second round, 2007: The Central Michigan DE was both unlucky and a waste of a draft pick because of a knee that just would not heal. He hasn't played a snap of football, despite being a second-rounder.

4. Roosevelt Williams, third round, 2002
: In one of Angelo's early drafts, he picked up a DB out of Tuskegee who now admits that he just wasn't ready for the NFL. He started just five games in two seasons with the Bears and didn't force a single turnover in that time.

5. Chris Williams, first round, 2008
: Between injury and no stable spot on the line, Williams hasn't lived up to what is expected of a first-round offensive lineman. Williams' ineptitude on the line is one of the reasons the Bears are in the market for a top OL in the upcoming draft. He is ranked fifth because he is still on the Bears roster, and has time to redeem himself.

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