Oprah, Rosie Together in Chicago

Pair unveil sign welcoming "The Rosie Show" to west side Harpo Studios

Harpo Studios on Chicago's near west side got a new sign Thursday afternoon, and the queen of talk TV was there for the unveiling.

Oprah Winfrey joined Rosie O'Donnell at the studios, on West Washington Boulevard, to reveal the new sign welcoming "The Rosie Show" to the facility.

The new show, hosted by the Emmy-award-winning actress and comedienne, debuts Monday, Oct. 10. O'Donnell said she and her staff have already taped four test shows.

"It's a puppet show with musical numbers and Lambchop featured heavily," O'Donnell joked. "It's a one-hour talk, variety comedy, entertainment... we'll have celebrity guests, musical performances, nobody gets hurt, everybody has fun."

O'Donnell bought a house near Wrigley Field, she said, and is happy to call Chicago home.

Oprah vacated the space in May and headed west to fully commit her time and energy to running the television network which bears her initials.

She said she was happy she held onto the studio space so that it wouldn't be turned into a factory or condo.

Oprah & Rosie share the October cover of The Oprah Magazine
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