Technology Makes Planning and Paying More Efficient

Location Based Services are changing the way people balance agendas

A connected car can do more than just communicate. 

Gil Perez of SAP discussed what is happening with Location Based Services and how this affects the connected car concept on Wednesday during the Connected World Conference at the Chicago Auto Show. 

The whole idea behind the connected car is to have mobile technology communicate with a vehicle allowing multiple functions to occur while a person is on the go. 

What SAP is doing is combining apps to create a seamless connection between an individual's calendar and every day lifestyle. For instance, parking reservations could be made and paid for in advance when driving to a destination. Push notifications sent directly to the car provide the driver with information on fuel and calendar plans that may need verification. 

Through this process, each step can be paid for right from the mobile technology or car when the two are connected, rather than taking the extra time to pay manually. 

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