Rahm Wants New Gun Laws in Wake of Newtown School Shooting

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is looking for current gun laws to change.

"There is no parent and no grandparent in America that is not a resident to Sandy Hook, Conn.," Emanuel said Saturday afternoon while attending a ceremony for a new police building in District 12. "There is nobody that had their child last night, that didn't hold them a little closer, pull them in a little tighter, didn't hug them a little more.

Emanuel stressed a need for gun laws to assure an event like the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School does not happen in Chicago. The mayor is just one of many politicians in Illinois pushing for gun legislation pertaining to concealed carry of weapons.

The Newtown school shootings occurred the same week the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Illinois' ban on concealed carry weapons.

Lawmakers have 180 days to come up with a law legalizing the concealed carry of weapons.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy agrees with Emanuel's sense of urgency. Chicago's top cop suggested the nation needs a better firearm tracking system.

"A national recognition that there has to be some sort of tracking, not even gun control accountability for gun owners," he said on Saturday. "It doesn't mean you can't have your gun, but there's a requirement to report the lost, theft, or transfer of a firearm."

McCarthy explained most guns in Chicago are legally purchased, but illegally transferred into the city.

Emanuel will speak out again Saturday night during a vigil honoring the victims killed in Newtown, Conn., with Father Michael Pfleger.

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