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Peterson Judge Wants Autopsy Tape Turned Over to Defense

Judge Stephen White threatens to bar renowned pathologist from testifying



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    Drew Peterson and his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in happier times.

    A Will County judge says if a videotape of an autopsy on the body of Drew Peterson's third wife isn't turned over to defense attorneys he may not allow the renowned pathologist who performed it to testify at Peterson's murder trial next month.

    Judge Stephen White was appalled after hearing Thursday that a Fox News producer videotaped the autopsy of Kathleen Savio

    "You're saying Fox videotaped the autopsy?" White asked during a hearing Thursday, according to the Chicago Tribune. "Somebody allowed a TV station to videotape an autopsy?"

    Prosecutors said that the video was made with a "surreptitious camera" during Dr. Michael Baden’s autopsy of Savio in 2007.

    Last year Peterson was charged with killing Savio and her death was reclassified from an accident to a homicide.  Baden confirmed that he believed that her death was no accident back in February.

    Judge White is set to review the Illinois State Police’s completed records to determine if anything needs to be handed over to defense attorneys.  He is scheduled to deliver his ruling Tuesday.