Patrick Sharp Surprises Fans With Convention Prank

Hawks' forward has a history of cheeky behavior during time with Hawks

Marcus Riley

Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp has become well known over the past couple of years for the pranks he has pulled on his teammates, but as part of a promotion with the Illinois Lottery, he has now gotten Hawks fans in on the fun as well. 

During last weekend's Blackhawks Convention at the Chicago Hilton, Sharp traded in his #10 sweater for a hotel staffer's outfit, and brought room service to a lucky family: 

This isn't the first time that Sharp has peddled his prankish wares on an unsuspecting public. He also shocked a fan with a gift basket on Valentine's Day earlier this year: 

Sharp wasn't always so polished with his pranking skills. Here he is, along with former teammate Adam Burish, executing a series of pranks against various teammates, including Brent Seabrook and Jonathan Toews: 

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