Owner of Jeppson's Malort Begins Making Hand Sanitizer

If you're a fan of Chicago's most polarizing potable, don't worry, the company is continuing production of Malort

Another Chicago distillery is using their booze to help fight COVID-19.

CH Distillery, which owns the brand Jeppson's Malort, has started making hand sanitizer.

Tremaine Atkinson, the CEO and head distiller at CH Distillery, said the company hopes to begin donating one-liter bottles of the sanitizer next week. They're anticipating an initial run of 500 bottles. After that CH Distillery will make more, based on the availability of the needed ingredients.

If you're a fan of Chicago's most polarizing potable, don't worry.

Atkinson said they're continuing production of Malort while they make the hand sanitizer. And while Malort hand sanitizer is not available to the public now, Atkinson says, "if we have surplus after satisfying demand by health care organizations, we'll look into releasing some to the public as well."

CH joins Koval in Ravenswood, 28 Mile Vodka in Highwood and Copper Fiddle out of Lake Zurich in making hand sanitizer amid the coronavirus pandemic. Koval, 28 Mile Vodka and Copper Fiddle began donating their sanitizers to Chicago-area police and fire stations this week.

Contributing article from our colleagues at NBC Sports Chicago.

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