Obamas Have Sights Set on Beachfront “Magnum, P.I.” Mansion: Report

It looks as if the Obamas still have no plans to move back to Chicago anytime soon, but speculation on the first family’s next private residence after they leave the White House has continued to pop up.

Hearsay started swirling this week after it was revealed the President could be tied to a recent purchase to a well-known three-acre oceanfront property in the Honolulu suburb of Waimanalo.

The real-life “Robin’s Nest” from the famed 1980s mega-hit “Magnum P.I.” sold this week, and some believe the history of the transaction tracks back to the Obamas.

Politico reports the plush beachfront abode was initially purchased for $8.7 million by Waimanola Paradise LLC with the contact listed as Chicago attorney Seth Madorsky. The property was then handed off again to another LLC – this time a Colorado based one – with the deed signed by a woman named Judy Grimanis.

Still following?

Grimanis, another Chicago connection, reportedly works as an executive assistant for a local private-equity firm called The Vistria Group. She also worked for an Obama fundraiser and serves as his current Commerce Secretary, Politico reports.

Her boss is even a buddy of Obama’s, as The Vistria Group is headed by Marty Nesbitt, who the president is often seen golfing and vacationing with in Hawaii, the publication pointed out.

But even if the Obamas do own the Hawaiian property, they are not owning up to the rumors just yet, as a senior administration official told Politico, “The president is not a party to this transaction.”

Regardless of who is really behind the buy, it must be someone pretty special. According to the property’s listing on Zillow, before now it has only had one long-time owner who has never entertained offers of a sale in the past.

The dreamy dwelling was built in 1933 and designed by one of Hawaii’s most famed architects, Louis Davis. The listing states it has five bedrooms, rolling green lawns filled with ancient trees, a gate house, a boat house, tennis courts and even a turtle pond.

It’s definitely a home fit for a king – or a president.

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