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NBC 5 Investigates: Most Illinois Communities Fall Short on Daily Coronavirus Testing

Use the chart below to search by zip code or town to find out the number of tests and coronavirus cases in your area

It’s the key to everything about this pandemic:  testing, testing, testing. Most everyone agrees we’re not doing enough, yet it’s widely considered to be the benchmark by which we can eventually reopen America.

NBC 5 Investigates has analyzed numbers published by the Illinois Department of Public Health, showing how many coronavirus tests have been conducted each day — and where.  

A recent study by Harvard University recommends that 152 people per 100,000 should be tested each day — which would translate to more than 19,000 tests — every day — in Illinois. NBC 5 has found that the state has fallen far short of that, averaging only about 5,700 tests, per day, for the most of April — although testing has increased significantly over the last two days.

NBC 5 Investigates used the Harvard formula to determine how many tests should be done, by zip code, for every area in Illinois that has at least 6 cases of coronavirus. We’ve created a searchable chart which allows you to check -- by zip code, community, or county — how many cases of coronavirus are currently in a specific area; how “hard-hit” the area is and whether enough testing has been done over the past several days.

NBC5 Investigates will update this chart each day with the latest numbers of cases — and tests — for every zip code and community in Illinois.

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