Illinois Has New Top Halloween Candy, Ranking Says

Sour Patch Kids, the former number one, dropped a spot in the ranking

The Halloween season is fast approaching in the state of Illinois, and according to a new ranking, there is a new favorite candy in the Land of Lincoln.

According to data compiled by, Sour Patch Kids have been dethroned as the state’s favorite candy, and have been replaced by KitKat bars, which finished in second last year.

The data says that nearly 170,000 pounds of KitKat’s will be delivered to Illinois retailers during the Halloween season, over 30,000 pounds more than the amount of Sour Patch Kids that stores order.

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Snickers made a jump in the rankings this year, supplanting Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as the third-most popular candy in the state.

For Illinois’ neighbors, Hot Tamales are the way to go in Indiana, and Candy Corn is the most popular candy in Iowa. In Missouri, Milky Way bars reign supreme, and in Wisconsin, Butterfinger bars rule the Dairy State.  

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