More (Unanswered) Questions

Board President refuses to answer questions for board members

When there's no Rod news, (as in Rod Blagojevich)  there's always Todd to turn to.  

Just when you thought Illinois politics may get a little boring with the former governor unable to find Reality Show work -- Cook County Board President Todd Stroger provides new entertainment.

Today, the Cook County Board held an emergency meeting in the wake of the resignation of Stroger's cousin and Chief Financial Officer Donna Dunnings.  She left as rumors began swirling about Tony Cole, her assistant, who she bailed out of jail twice in six months to the tune of $4,000.    

Cole has now been re-arrested on probation violations and has lost his $61,000 a year job in what he claims is "a conspiracy."  

Before President Stroger personally hired Cole, the former college basketball star was a bus boy at a fancy steak restaurant just blocks from where Stroger likes to work out at the East Bank Club.

At today's contentious board meeting, outspoken Commissioner Tony Peraica found his microphone disconnected as he questioned how this distraction might affect the real business of the county.  

Afterwards, there were more questions leveled as Commissioner Tim Schneider said "he's not satisfied" the truth is yet out on who Tony Cole is, why he was hired, why Dunnings bailed him out, or why she lost her job over rumors that have yet been made public.

As they say in Illinois ... stay tuned. As the Poltiical Sideshow turns, there will be more.

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