Is That Mike Ditka in a Green Bay Packers Jersey?

The Chicago Bears haven't had much success against the Green Bay Packers in recent years, but have their repeated failures caused one of the biggest legends in team history to switch sides in the rivalry? 

That's the question that fans are asking themselves after NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice captured Ditka (or a man who looks remarkably like him) on video wearing a Packers jersey. To the tape we go: 

Naturally, there are numerous questions that have to be answered here. First and foremost, is that even Ditka? The video quality isn't the best, but it certainly looks like Da Coach. If it's an impostor, it's a really convincing fake. 

Secondly, why would Ditka be wearing a Packers jersey in the first place? Did he lose a bet? Is he promoting a new brand of spray cheese or bratwurst? 

Finally, what's with the number 45? Ditka wore the number 89 with the Bears, and the team even retired the number on his behalf. As far as we can tell, no notable Packers players have donned the number 45, so unless it's a subtle homage to Michael Jordan wearing the number when he came out of retirement, we're tapped for ideas. 

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