Man's Perfectly Hangry Love Letter to Suburban Restaurant Goes Viral

The owners of Burger Antics at 3740 Grand Blvd. were so moved by the profession of love

Romeo and Juliet’s love doesn’t have anything on the burning desire that a man named Andy described for a suburban Chicago restaurant.

The wait staff at Brookfield’s Burger Antics say they were closing up shop Friday when one server noticed a note was left from a diner on one of the tables.

At first, it was assumed they had been upset about something as it begins ridden with profanity.

“To the owner,” it writes. “F-CK you!!”

But soon it's realized the man wasn’t mad. He was just madly in love with their burgers.

“Your burgers are so f-cking good that all other food is ruined for me,” it continues. “Every experience here tops the previous one, and as tasty and delicious as it all is, I’m never satisfied. I always want more. Just 3 ounces more! Or 40!”

My cousin is a chef at Burger Antics and they received this note from a customer yesterday.

The anonymous customer ended the letter in what could be the most romantic way anyone ever has for a restaurant.

“I live for your food, and I die for your food. And so, I leave you with this. I love you. F-ck you, Andy’

The owners of Burger Antics at 3740 Grand Blvd. were so touched by the customer’s review they posted the image on Imgur, where it shot to the number one spot. By Thursday it had been viewed more than two million times [[377590181, C]]

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