Lisa Madigan

Consumers Eligible for Payments in Television Set Lawsuit

Illinois residents who purchased a certain type of television set could be eligible for payments after a class-action lawsuit was settled by the Attorney General’s office.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that Illinois residents who purchased TV’s and monitors with cathode ray tubes (CRT’s) will have until next year to claim part of a $36 million settlement with manufacturers of the devices.

The settlement came amid a lawsuit that claimed companies had illegally conspired to fix prices on the devices, according to Madigan’s office. Samsung, Philips, Hitachi, and LG were all named in the lawsuit and were part of the settlement.

“I encourage any Illinois consumers or businesses who bought a television or monitor containing these CRT’s to file claims to recover the money they are owed,” Madigan said in a statement.

According to a press release, residents who purchased TV’s or monitors from Mar. 1, 1995, to Nov. 25, 2007, are eligible for payments under the settlement. The maximum amount that consumers can potentially get back for TV purchases is $20, and $60 for a computer monitor, Madigan’s office said.

That number could change based on the number of people that file claims, according to the Attorney General.

Illinois consumers have until July 12 of next year to fill out a claim form as part of the class action settlement. That form can be found on a special website set up by the Attorney General’s office

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