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Illinois Moves Tax Filing Deadline to July 15 Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The federal government also moved its filing deadline to July 15 as a result of the virus' impact on the country

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Following the lead of the federal government, the state of Illinois has moved back the filing date for state taxes until July 15 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Governor J.B. Pritzker made the announcement during his daily coronavirus press briefing.

Shifting the date forward by three months was done to “soften the immediate economic impact of this moment,” Pritzker said during the press conference.

For those who have already filed their state income taxes, refunds are still being processed and distributed, according to the governor.

During the coronavirus crisis, the federal government initially moved the payment due date on federal taxes to July 15, but recently moved the filing date forward three months as well.

The move by Pritzker’s administration is the latest in a series of measures undertaken by the state government to ease financial burdens on residents during the pandemic. Residential evictions were suspended last week by an executive order from Pritzker. A moratorium was placed on utility shutoffs for late payments, and the state eased a variety of restrictions to help expedite unemployment claims.

Bars and restaurants in the state will be given a grace period of several months to defer state sales tax payments, and late filing fees have been waived.

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