How to Cure Your Email Headaches

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God bless the people at the UK's Simply Business, and also whoever invented the flowchart. The good folks over at Simply Business have put together a no-nonsense, very clean flowchart on how to slay the five major email problems people have. Mind you, this isn't tech support exactly, but more stuff to do with email management.

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

Depending on your sore spot, there are links to tools, videos or articles to help you out. Everything from being more proactive about emails that sit in your inbox "without being actioned" (my sore spot) to managing the size of your inbox is covered. It's good. You should read it. Like, right now.

Another good piece to scope is one I did a bit ago about the nine Gmail hacks you've never heard of. It's full of "hidden" widgets and shortcuts Gmail has built that you can only activate if you seek them out. Believe you me, together, these things will kick your nasty email habits to the e-curb.  

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