How Going Green Limousine Gives Back

There are roughly 7,000 licensed cabs operating within Chicago, producing gas emissions that together would fill the Willis Tower and beyond. Going Green Limousine is making efforts to make the city more eco-friendly.

The Chicagoland eco-limo service and green transportation provider uses hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles to decrease greenhouse gasses by up to 80 percent.

“All transportation services should offer eco-friendly alternatives, especially in the limousine industry where there is so much time spent idling in the limo lot and in city traffic,” co-owner Rebecca Schmuck, said.

Jesse Sapp, co-owner, who has approximately 20 years of professional driving experience working as a limo chauffeur and taxi driver in both Chicago and New York, decided to start the Going Green Limousine business over three years ago after being disappointed by the lack of eco-friendly alternatives.

The company, which is available 24 hours a day, every single day of the year, accommodates parties of all sizes, from one passenger in a hybrid sedan or SUV to eight or more passengers in a stretch limousine or party bus. And consumers not only get first-rate transportation luxury with the company, but also the gratification of traveling guilt-free.

Though the stretch limos and party buses aren’t hybrid vehicles, Going Green Limousine donates a percentage of their proceeds to local environmental organizations, such as Chicago Gateway Green to offset their carbon footprint.

But it’s not only about the environment. It’s also about our individual health.

“If all transportation services went green, we would see reduced greenhouse gasses, which would help neutralize global warming and hopefully contribute to its reversal," said Schmuck. "I also believe it would be healthier in general for ourselves and our children… I don’t think anyone should ever get used to the smell of toxins, yet it has become a way of life."

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