Groupon Might Up Asking Price for IPO This Week

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You've got to hand it to Groupon for keeping everyone's attention through this whole IPO thing. It's been like a soap opera atop a roller coaster, and the thrills keep comin': After completing on Friday the East Coast leg of a two-week roadshow to dazzle investors, word started bubbling up over the weekend that Groupon might increase its IPO price range from $16 to $18 apiece.

Not only that, but it's reportedly trying to drive up demand by only offering 4.7 percent of its stock. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, that's less than any U.S. Internet-company IPO of more than $200 million since 2000.

Then again, Groupon is many, many things, and conventional has never been one of them. The shares are expected to begin trading on the Nasdaq on Nov. 4. That means there's only a handful of days for the group-buying giant to whip up more media attention and public fervor.

Meanwhile, financial publication Barrons is warning its readers against buying the stock, no matter the price because of the company's suspect earnings reports. The deal is expected to go live on Thursday, so, who knows what this week has in store?

Read more about it on Reuters.

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