Get Your Stuff Out of the Street!

You shovel snow for half an hour, break up the ice around your car's tires and free your vehicle from its icy prison. It's your right to save that hard-won space for when you get back from work, right?

The debate has been going on in Chicago for generations. Some save spots every year, while others hate the piles of random items laid out in the streets for all to see. Ever wonder what kind of ironing board your neighbor has? Now you not only know, but get the added pleasure of watching it rust as it collects dirty gray snow day after day.

The Department of Streets and Sanitation asked residents on Thursday to remove parking space savers now that there's been a break in the weather. The department says it tolerates space saving during big snowfalls, but right now all the stuff is getting in the way, and in some cases making it hard for plows to clear the sides of streets.

Several aldermen forwarded the Streets and San release, which made it clear that if you don't move your stuff out of the road now, the city will do it for you.

To save or not to save, that is the question.  Sound off in the comments forum below.

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