George R.R. Martin is Now Involved in the Chicago, NYC Pizza War

But not everyone thought Martin's offer for a dragon was cute.

"Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin may be taking his time writing the next book in his critically acclaimed series--but he's wasted no time typing out a tweet in response to the latest New York vs. Chicago-style pizza beef. 

The Chicago Police Department has resurfaced the age-old debate of Chicago vs. New York-style zas ahead of National Pizza Day this weekend.

“How will you celebrate, Chicago? Deep dish, or ol’ fashioned thin crust? Either choice beats New York-style slices,” CPD wrote on Twitter, along with a photo of deep dish and thin crust pizza in the city.

After a lengthy exchange of pizza puns, the NYPD called for "backup," tagging several celebrity chefs and (for some reason) Cubs firstbaseman Anthony Rizzo and Martin.

So far only the "Game of Thrones" scribe has responded.

"Shall I send a dragon?" Martin wrote.

CPD was quick to respond.

"No thank you, good sir," the department tweeted. "In case you haven't heard, Winter is already here."

The New York City cops deployed an adequately-themed (if not regionally offensive) GIF.

But not everyone thought Martin's offer for a dragon was cute.

"No, just finish that next damn book!" a user "" href="

no, just finish that next damn book!

— ? (@Chicagosports34) February 7, 2019

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