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Ex-Boyfriend Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Woman on CTA Platform in the Loop

Following the stabbing, Samantha Maldonado was able to make her way down the stairs of the CTA platform and collapsed in the middle of the street.

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A man was arrested for a fatal stabbing on a Loop CTA platform after the victim, his ex-girlfriend, gave his name to police before she died. Karen Aguilar reports.

A Chicago man has been charged with fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend on a CTA train platform early Saturday morning in the Loop, according to authorities.

Alejandro Arellano, 31, is accused of first-degree murder in connection with the death of Samantha Maldonado, 26. According to authorities, the two individuals were former co-workers who were in a relationship for 5 to 6 months before breaking up about a week prior to the stabbing.

A bond proffer revealed Maldonado and Arellano met at Miller's Pub, 201 S. Wabash, at around 12:30 a.m. Saturday. At around 1:20 a.m., Maldonado left the bar, with Arellano following about 5 to 10 seconds behind her. Arellano followed her to the CTA train platform at Adams and Wabash, as shown on CTA surveillance video.

As Maldonado walked up the stairs of the CTA station, Arellano pulled out a folding knife, court documents revealed. She then hurried up the stairs, got to the platform and hid behind a CTA equipment box. As Arellano went to where she was hiding, Maldonado tried to enter a train that was arriving at the station. Arellano managed to pull her away from the train doors, according to authorities.

A struggle then ensued, and Maldonado tried to get away from Arellano, at which point he approached her from behind stabbing her multiple times in the chest and abdomen, according to the proffer. Maldonado tried to fight Arellano off and block the attack, but was stabbed at least four times, authorities said.

Arellano boarded a train and headed home following the stabbing, according to authorities.

Maldonado was able to make her way down the stairs of the CTA platform and collapsed in the middle of the street. Several civilians and security from Miller's Pub immediately came to the victims' aid. When paramedics arrived on scene, Maldonado told them that Alejandro Arellano was the person who stabbed her and provided his date of birth. The 26-year-old was taken to an area hospital and later pronounced dead from her injuries.

 “The key piece of evidence in this case came from the victim herself,” said Eric Carter, police first deputy superintendent. “She named ... the offender before she succumbed to her injuries.”

A person who was at Miller's Pub at the same time identified Arellano in a photo array and said both he and Maldonado were at the bar together prior to the stabbing, according to proffer. At around 3 p.m., Saturday, police arrested Arellano, who was wearing what appeared to be the same clothing he had on at the time of the homicide, officials stated. Prosecutors said both his pants and shoes appeared to have blood on them. Additionally, a folding knife with blood and tissue on the blade was recovered from his pocket, authorities said.

In statements, Arellano identified himself and Maldonado as the individuals seen in CTA surveillance video. Arellano admitted that the two argued and said he followed his ex-girlfriend onto the platform, according to authorities. Arellano also said he "poked" Maldonado one time with a blade, but didn't remember any more stab wounds, as stated in the proffer.

But if there were more, Arellano said, it would have been him that did it, according to the court documents.

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