Dillard Camp Accuses Rauner of Electioneering

An 11th hour controversy has erupted between the Kirk Dillard and Bruce Rauner campaigns. 

Dillard's workers charge that petition collectors working to gather signatures for a term limits ballot issue come dangerously close to electioneering. The ballot issue is Rauner's pet project for the general election, and he's the chairman of the committee set up to collect the signatures. But those petition collecters are not working for the Rauner campaign. 

Dillard's campaign manager Glenn Hodas said "this looks like another slick move by Rauner to bend the rules and get what he wants, at the expense of the integrity of the process."

Earlier Tuesday, Dillard arrived at his Hinsdale polling place with his wife and two daughters , full of confidence that only his campaign has perfectly timed momentum to win.

The former chief of staff for Gov. Edgar gave his girls a quick Election Day tutorial. They had no trouble finding the family name, on the ballot!

He said in a brief news conference afterward that his success will be "all about turn out" today that "Illinois is on the brink" so people must get out and vote. He believes he's closing in fast on the perceived GOP front runner Bruce Rauner who he calls "a Rahm Emanuel billionaire".

Dillard is coming off a two day state fly around tour with his former boss, Governor Edgar, specifically designed to try to convince voters that only Dillard has the experience to things done in Springfield. 

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