Sports World Without Dennis Rodman? Foot Locker Dreams Big

rodman foot locker ad

What does a perfect sports world look like?

Foot Locker sums it up in its star-studded new "Week Of Greatness 2013" ad.

Kyrie Irving imagines Mike Tyson making up with Evander Holyfield, Brett Favre admitting when it's time "to walk away," Craig Sager torching his suits and -- especially touching for Chicago -- Dennis Rodman taking a one-way trip to North Korea.

"One way?" an airline agent says. "Whew!"

Rodman is known as one of the more colorful former stars of the Chicago Bulls. Even before he controversially traveled to North Korea to hang out with his "friend" Kim Jong Un, the city collected plenty of "Worm" stories from catwalk sightings and rehab reports to several unfortunate accusations.

Rodman isn't above poking fun at himself. He stars in the ad along with the other self-deprecating sports stars.

And Foot Locker doesn't beat around the bush.

"One way! He said one way!" the agent yells to a group of cheering travelers, one of whom chants, "He's never coming back!"

To wit, Phil Jackson told this story in May while discussing his new book at Chicago's Palmer House Hilton:

"Dennis was very serious about basketball, but he came late to the arena all the time. He would always get there an hour before the game – the rule was an hour and a half, but he just couldn’t get there. So he would come in and say, "I don’t have to shoot [before the game] because I don’t do any shooting." Instead, he would get on a bicycle and lift weights and have a full sweat in about 20 minutes. Then he’d take a shower – usually we’d have our meetings 30 minutes before game time – and he’d come out and go to his locker and sit in the chair naked with just a towel over his head. So for the coaches and myself who were trying to give the plan of attack... Big distraction."

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