Cutler Defends Cavallari After “Chicago's Just Not Home” Comment

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler defended his wife Kristin Cavallari after she was quoted in a recent interview saying “Chicago’s just not home.”

Cutler told ESPN’s Michael Rothstein over the weekend that the comments were taken out of context and said the family’s “roots are in Chicago. We love being there.”

Cutler’s comments are in response to an interview the couple did with Elle Magazine where Cavallari said they hope to move the Nashville area when Cutler’s contract with the Bears ends. 

Cavallari, a Barrington native, told the magazine that Cutler "hates L.A." and "if all goes according to plan" the pair hopes to settle down in Nashville.

The interview, which included few quotes from Cutler, was done in anticipation of Cavallari’s upcoming lifestyle book “Balancing in Heels.”

Cutler signed a seven-year contract extension with the Bears in 2014 and has a guaranteed contract until 2016.  

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