CTA Surveys Riders About Fare Scenarios

Survey includes questions about $3.50 fare, $150 for monthly pass

Imagine paying $3.50 to ride the CTA. How about shelling out $150 for a monthly pass? Or handing over an extra $1 to ride during the morning or evening rush?

Those are some of the scenarios the CTA is asking riders to comment on in a new survey customers were invited to fill out online. But the CTA stressed that it is not currently considering any fare increases, reported the Chicago Tribune. The scenarios are "hypothetical fare examples" randomly generated for each survey.

Among other things, the survey seeks to measure rider opinions about payment options in the future.  But most of the questionnaire focuses on other rider issues, like why a rider uses public transportation.

More than 1,000 customers were invited by email to take part in the online survey. Pollsters also will conduct field surveys.

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