Could Brandon Marshall Find a New Home with the Ravens?

The Bears can cut Marshall before March and save some cap space in the process

The Chicago Bears haven’t decided what they are going to do with wide receiver Brandon Marshall yet, but if they turn him loose to avoid paying him his new three-year contract extension, he may have a potential landing spot on the East Coast.

According to a post on the Baltimore Ravens’ website on Thursday morning, Marshall asked head coach John Harbaugh if he would allow the receiver to still appear on Showtime's “Inside the NFL” if he were to play for the Ravens.

The subject has been a controversial one in recent weeks as Showtime producers have extended an offer to Marshall to come back for next year, but Harbaugh unequivocally answered “yes” when Marshall asked him the question.

Of course, the Ravens’ website then went on to suggest that the story could fan the flames of a potential Marshall-to-Baltimore scenario, and on the surface, the thought of Marshall playing for the Ravens isn’t that much of a stretch.

With Joe Flacco locked in for a long-term contract, Torrey Smith testing the free agent waters, and Steve Smith not getting any younger, the Ravens could use another weapon in the passing game, and Marshall could fit the bill if the Bears decide they don’t want him around any more.

There is one ever so crucial, little itty bitty detail that could prevent a Marshall-Ravens union: the fact that Marc Trestman is their offensive coordinator.

While Trestman would obviously have knowledge of Marshall’s skill set, would he really provide an endorsement for a guy who was one of the guys holding a torch while the Bears’ team chemistry went down in flames?

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