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Chicago Police Investigating After Attempted Break-In Caught on Camera

The incident remains under investigation by Area Three detectives.

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A woman who lives on Chicago’s North Side recounted a terrifying encounter Saturday in which she she said a man was caught on video trying to break into her apartment.

“I mean my heart was beating outside of my chest, to be honest,” said Remey Rozin. "I didn’t know what to think, like, what are you trying to do?”

Rozin, who lives near Clark Street and Racine Avenue, told NBC 5 she woke up early Saturday to an alert on her phone that someone was at her back door.

“I have no clue if he was intoxicated, trying to get into some mischief, or if he had other intentions,” she said. “But I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to sit around and wait to find out.”

Seconds later, the man is seen climbing the ladder trying to get to the roof—all while Rozin was watching him on her phone.

“My knee jerk reaction was to turn on the microphone, the audio on the Ring cam and yell at him,” she said.

Rozin is heard on video yelling at the man to get down off the ladder. The man, startled by what he heard, made his way down the ladder then took off running.

“I’ll be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t cuss at him,” she said. “My adrenaline was so high at the time.”

NBC 5 has decided not to show the man's face as he hasn't been charged with a crime.

Rozin is warning neighbors to be on the lookout and credits the camera she put up just months ago for alerting her of the individual.

“It was the best money that I’ve spent in a long time, and you know I mean, it totally could have saved us,” she said. “If he had gotten up on the roof who knows what would have happened.”

Rozin filed a police report, and the incident remains under investigation by Area Three detectives.

Police said if you see or hear anything suspicious in your neighborhood to call law enforcement.

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