Chicago Marathon Organizers Prepared for Ebola

Officials say a plan is in place to deal with all communicable diseases

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is only a few days away, but race organizers have been forced to address another safety issue -- the threat of the Ebola virus.

EMS acting district chief Mary Sheridan says medical personnel have a plan in place to deal with all communicable diseases, and Ebola is no different.

"We practice something called BSI -- body substance isolation," Sheridan said.

"All of our ambulances, all of our fire engines and trucks are equipped with isolation packs to protect our members and patients."

While race organizers say they are prepared, they also say there is no direct threat.

"As far as runners that are coming from areas where Ebola has struck, our runners are all coming from east Africa," marathon medical director Dr. George Chiampas said.

Organizers also say there have been no credible terror threats related to the Chicago Marathon.

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