Chicago Area Wakes Up to Coldest Day of 2016

The Chicago area woke up to the coldest day of 2016 Monday morning, with air temperatures falling well below zero.

It was minus 10 degrees by 7 a.m. near O’Hare Airport in Chicago, with some areas, such as DuPage County, reaching minus 14 degrees. One factoring in the wind chill, it felt like 30 below zero in much of the Chicago area.

The wicked cold forced hundreds of suburban schools to cancel classes or delay opening Monday as a Wind Chill Advisory continued until 10 a.m.

While under the advisory, the National Weather Service warned the potential for frostbite and hypothermia that can set in as quickly as 30 minutes if outdoors with exposed skin.

Temperatures rebound slightly Monday afternoon, with mostly sunny skies and highs in the mid teens.

Sunshine and dry conditions remain for the next two days before another chance of snow.

Tuesday will be partly sunny and warmer, with temperatures in the low 30s. Wednesday is expected to begin mostly cloudy, with highs in the mid 30s, before a possible snow system moves in during the evening hours.

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