Budweiser’s Chicago Commercial Will Only Air in Ireland

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Chicago Fire Department

Apparently Budweiser is all about impressing Europeans ever since they were sold the Belgium's InBev.

To wit: The brewers filmed a one minute beer commercial all around Chicago this year and you'll never see it on your TV. The ad will only air in Ireland.

Take a minute to process that: a Budweiser commercial, shot in Chicago, will air only in Ireland.

For their next trick, InBev will sell cheese whiz to Wisconsin dairy farmers.

We had a hankerin' to see what sort of footage they came up with so we used our youtube powers and found the ad that includes images shot from off the city's 'El' trains set to music.

We won't spoil it by describing. Just watch, or read the Trib story to the same tune.

Budweiser Commercial
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