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Rosemont Spends $1.1 Million on Waterfall Upgrades



    Rosemont Spends $1.1 Million on Waterfall Upgrades
    Courtesy of the Village of Rosemont
    Rosemont's waterfall in Monument Park is undergoing renovations. The waterfall won't be completed until Spring 2015.

    The waterfall at Monument Park in Rosemont, Illinois is getting a new makeover.

    Mayor Brad Stephens said the $1.1 million renovation for the waterfall includes realistic-looking rocks, elevation of the rocks and more contained water flow, according to the Daily Herald.

    Monument Park, located at Higgins Road and River Road which houses the waterfall, is closed this season and is set to reopen Spring 2015.

    The village board approved the $72,195 proposal from Pro-Pump Inc. to repair and install the water pumps as part of the project, the Daily Herald reported.

    Nearly 20 years ago, then mayor Donald Stephens, Brad's father, built the waterfall in place of a bait shop and eatery. The original design of the waterfall was reportedly made by the same company that worked on the waterfalls at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Stephens said.

    Now the waterfall is a popular site for weddings, but the park will not be issuing permits to take, which cost $50 per half hour. The Community Park, located 9501 W. Glenlake Road, is still available.

     "It's all about what Rosemont relies on -- tourism," Stephens told the Daily Herald. "The [new] one should be a bit spectacular."