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Police Monitor Site Where Dog Found 'Finger'

Suspected human remains of a finger and skull were found by a dog



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    Police are keeping round-the-clock watch on a recently demolished storefront in Hammond, Ind., where a dog found what is believed to be human remains.

    The Rottweiler's owner, Kim Mikulski, said the dog brought back a finger with a gold ring this week after she let him outside their apartment in the 1700 block of Indianapolis Boulevard.

    The Lake County Coroner's office has the bone but has not determined whether it's that of a human, according to the Northwest Indiana Times.

    Many residents of Hammond and Whiting walked or drove past the site Thursday and have speculated the identity of the finger, from a local firefighter who disappeared in 1980 to various prostitutes and other night dwellers, said the Times.

    University of Indianapolis professor and forensic anthropologist Stephen Nawrocki is scheduled to begin an investigation Friday morning.

    Anyone with information about a missing person or possible homicide cases that could be connected to the discovery at the Robertsdale storefront is asked to call Hammond police Lt. Thomas Fulk at 219-852-6373.