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Daley "More Confident" in Olympic Bid Win



    Daley "More Confident" in Olympic Bid Win
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    Daley says he's "much more confident" in Chicago's Olympic bid.

    Mayor Daley said today he's getting "much more confident" about Chicago's Olympic bid.

    Daley's comments come after a week of Olympic-related activity, including a party with the Obamas on the White House South Lawn, and the news that the president is sending an advance team to prepare the way in Copenhagen "just in case" he can go.

    The main competition, the mayor said, surprising no one, is Rio. The other two competing cities, Tokyo and Madrid, are near Olympic sites in other countries. The 2008 Olympics were in China and the 2012 Games will be in London.

    Rio's games would be the first time the Olympics were held in South America.

    But, Daley counter-pointed himself, Rio's already scheduled to host the 2014 World Cup.

    "I'm much more confident in our presentation, I'm much more confident in our sponsorship, I'm much more confident that we have all the facts and figures," Daley said, according to the Chicago Tribune.