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Bucktown Bat Attack Victim Begins Rehab



    Bucktown Bat Attack Victim Begins Rehab
    Natasha McShane

    The Northern Irish exchange student viciously beaten with a baseball bat in Bucktown has been transferred to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

    Natasha McShane was transferred from Northwestern Memorial Hospital to the Rehab Institute, a spokeswoman for Northwestern Memorial said Sunday. She has been there since at least Friday. The Northwestern Memorial spokeswoman had no details on the transfer or McShane's current condition. A representative from the Rehab Institute was not immediately available Sunday afternoon.

    McShane's family and the hospital released a statement on May 7 that said she was no longer comatose and has exhibited "limited" brain activity. In the statement, doctors said McShane's health was improving, although she remained in serious condition.

    The pressure on her brain as a result of the injuries she suffered had decreased and she was weaned off of coma-inducing medications, according to the statement.

    "She is awake, but still only demonstrating limited brain activity. Although her movements are 'uncontrolled' at the moment, the family is hopeful for additional encouraging signs," the statement said.

    McShane and her friend Stacy Jurich were attacked in the early hours of April 23 by a man who allegedly beat both women unconscious with a baseball bat and stole their purses.

    Marcy Cruz and Heriberto Viramontes have been charged in the attack.