Dude We Can Fix It

Party to support Al Gore's environmental campaign

A party to support the environment may be a progressive and trendy thing to do, but it doesn't exactly evoke images of cool or hip.

That is until the Chicago-based cause "Dude We Can Fix It" came along. It's an effort to raise funds for "We Can Solve It," Al Gore's organization that seeks to have America's electricity generated from non-fossil fuel sources within 10 years.

There'll be plenty of sparks flying Friday night when electroclash and alternative energy collide at Wicker Park's Debonair Social Club for a Dude We Can Fix It party.

Fischerspooner, an electroclash duo and performance troupe, will perform. If you've never heard them before, think Kraftwerk, early Depeche Mode and Gary Numan. It's described as a quirky, robotic, and strangely subdued kind of dance music.

If you're cruising down Milwaukee, check out Debonair's window space display, which lists recycling drop-off locations, lists of items that many people don't know are recyclable, and other ways to get involved in the campaign.

For more information the campaign, visit www.DudeWeCanFixIt.com. Or just head over Friday night and get your party on.

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