From Jeff Bezos' Swim Trunks to Bill Gates' Watch: Stuff Billionaires Own That You Can Afford to Buy Too

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Billionaires can afford to buy just about anything. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, worth about $130 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, spends his riches on things like real estate, a private jet and sports cars — he even owns an island in Belize. And he's given more than $45.5 billion to charity since 1994 through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and other organizations.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, worth about $189 billion, dropped $65 million on a Gulfstream G-650ER private jet and spends millions on real estate and other expensive toys. In recent years he create the $2 billion One Day Fund charity.

But you don't always have to break the bank to shop like a billionaire — here are products they own that are surprisingly affordable, and make great holiday gifts.

Jeff Bezos' famous swim trunks

Vilebrequin men's vintage octopus swim trunks; $260

The internet went crazy over Jeff Bezos' octopus-patterned swim trunks after he was photographed wearing them this summer on vacation and aboard billionaire David Geffen's yacht (while hanging out with girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Oscar Health co-founder and Jared Kushner's brother Josh Kushner and Kushner's wife, model and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss).

The pair Bezos wore are from 2014 but French brand Vilebrequin brought back the style after demand surged when the Amazon CEO wore them. Though $260 isn't exactly cheap for swim trunks, it's more affordable then say the Brunello Cucinelli deconstructed blazers Bezos has been spotted wearing, which can cost anywhere from nearly $2,500 to over $5,000 apiece.

Oprah Winfrey's go-to tequila

Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco; $83

For those who love to make merry with tequila, the favorite brand of Oprah Winfrey (whose net worth is $2.6 billion), Casa Dragones Tequila, is a great gift. The booze has earned a spot on her list of "Oprah's Favorite Things" five times, in 2018, 2017, 2014, 2012 and 2011.

"Casa Dragones, a.k.a. my tequila of choice, is back with a nearly pint-size bottle of its 100% pure blue agave spirit," Winfrey wrote in her 2018 list. "The better to stuff stockings with, my dears."

Casa Dragones has a blend made for mixing called Blanco, which is sold for $83, and a blend for sipping called Joven, which is sold for $285.

"I've sampled tequilas all over the world, but Casa Dragones is still my go-to," she wrote in her 2017 list.

Warren Buffett's favorite candy

See's Candies

See's Candy 10 oz Peanut Brittle; $13

Warren Buffett has a sweet-tooth, and See's Candies peanut brittle is one of his favorite ways to satisfy it. He loves See's so much in fact that his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, purchased the chocolate and candy company in 1972.

Buffett, who is worth about $85 billion, and his business partner Charlie Munger are known to snack on the sweet and salty treat while answering questions at Berkshire's annual shareholder's meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, according to the candy company.

"We would love to increase our economic interest in See's, but we haven't found a way to add to a 100% holding," Buffett wrote in his 1994 shareholder's letter.

Bill Gates' Casio watch

Casio Quartz Diver 200m Watch MDV106-1A; $55.96 (on sale)

Bill Gates could afford to sport an expensive watch.

But Gates has been a fan of Casio watches — he used to wear a $10 Casio Illuminator Sports Digital Chrono Watch W214H-1AV, but it seems he has upgraded. Gates has been spotted wearing what looks like a $42 Casio Quartz Diver 200m MDV106-1A watch throughout 2019.

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