Clinton's Startup-Minded Global Initiative Kicks Off Today in Chicago

Some people take issue with why former presidents still are referred to with the title "president." Today and tomorrow suggests why: President Bill Clinton is in town for the first annual Clinton Global Initiative, a two-day rager at the Sheraton intended to address job creation as it pertains to small-business growth and startups in general.

"Companies five years old or younger are responsible for the majority of net job growth over the last 30 years," Clinton told, a staggering and of course impressive statistic.

Among the startups selected to be a part of the dialog is BabbaCo, a wildly successful local company that's essentially a one-stop shop for baby products that's been quickly making inroads towards becoming an indisputably big business. Founder/president Jessica Kim's involvement is hardly a shock since she's proven herself a savvy and generous business owner: she learned to sew to manufacture her first prototype, utilized state programs to find investors, and supports the local economy by using a local factory to manufacture some of her designs. BabbaCo isn't quite a Fortune 500 company yet, but it wouldn't be a shock that it'd attain that status soon.

If you tried to snag an invite but couldn't get one, fret not: Clinton's good buddy Al Gore apparently talked him into providing a live stream of the event on the former vice president's invention, the Internet. That's available here, and the event kicks off at noon. Might we suggest nuking some microwave popcorn?

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