The TSA Super Bowl

Despite a seven percent decrease in airport travel across the country, the Transportation Security Administration is preparing for their own Super Bowl.  

But at noon today, O'Hare was far from the nightmare it can be.  Lines were short, and there were very few delays on the flight information board.   Airport workers say the calm weather is helping, too.

Before you travel, experts recommend you double-check the rules.  Whether it's how to get through security faster, liquid rules, or prohibited items, log onto  for the latest info.

The TSA's Greg Soule said travelers can also take advantage of the expanded family lanes, made especially for people who have to travel with liquids, like baby bottles, or medicines.    If you don't have those items and just want to get through the line quickly, Midway offers expert lanes on the right side of their main security checkpoint.

Karen Pride, with Chicago's Aviation Department, said travel is down 9 percent at O'Hare and 15 percent at Midway, with an estimated 205,000 travelers expected to make their way through Chicago's airports. 

This could be the first Thanksgiving in six years that holiday travel declines, AAA said. 

Up-to-date flight information for O'Hare, Midway and Gary-Chicago International airports is available on

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