Liveblogging the Big Shoulders Ball

Transmission had a couple friends head to D.C. for the Inauguration festivities and of course they were excited to visit The Black Cat to check out the Hideout's curated Big Shoulders Ball. Tonight's entertainment includes the following exciting lineup (all times EST):

Judson Claiborne (7:30)
Freakwater (8:00)
David "Honeyboy" Edwards (8:30)
Icy Demons (9:10)
Ken Vandermark (9:35)
Tortoise (10:00)
Andrew Bird (10:30)
Thomas Frank (11:00)
Waco Brothers (11:05)
Ted Leo (11:30)
Eleventh Dream Day (12:00)
Jon Langford w/ Sally Timms (12:30)

[Until we get some technical problems sorted out, here are some early updates]

7:05pm lindsaybanks The line-up has "...and more." at the end. Please let it mean what I think it means

7:08pm lindsaybanks It appears that the folksy band Freakwater followed the Thrift Store formal dress code. Awesome.

7:15pm lindsaybanks Excellent folk rendition of Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Freakwater to finish with. Showing love for Stevie.

7:30pm lindsaybanks Just ran into @joegermuska from chicago! Not wearing thrift store formal.

7:50pm lindsaybanks Honeyboy Edwards doesn't seem to be capturing the crowd's least not around me.

7:55pm lindsaybanks Wipe-out number 2 on this elevated platform back here. Watch your step, folks!

8:15pm lindsaybanks I'm enjoying Icy Demons style mix. Tambourine adds nice touch says @PlannerAnnie

8:23pm lindsaybanks If only they had a idea if I spelled that right.

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